02 Synesthesia


Develop creative that positions Synesthesia as an educational but fun event.

Target audience
Children aged 5–10, parents with children aged 5–10


Spellmasters is one of Victoria’s longest running spelling competition and charity dedicated to literacy. While popular among schools their brand is challenged by perceptions of being nothing more than a spelling competition; therefore considered unappealing to students, teachers and parents alike. 

With the challenge to turn perception around with an exciting event, the result is ‘Synesthesia: Festival of words and colors’ where visitors of all ages can enjoy live music, creative workshops, inspiring speakers, reading corners and more! 

Inspired by the word itself, Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another. In the main wordmark, handmade ‘Play-Doh’ type and bright colours emphasise the festival themes, evoking a sense of fun and playfulness. The secondary graphic elements reflect existing features from the type and have been developed into pattern and borders to create an enthusiastic, fun and festive feel to the event that appeals to the younger audiences. The applications created for this project includes a hero poster, event tickets, a microsite and canvas bag.