03 Ghazal

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Develop a name and design a flexible and exciting identity for a large complex that reflects the Abu Dhabi’s unique character and aesthetic.

Target Audience
Local and international businesses, residents and tourists


Abu Dhabi means ‘Father of the Gazelle’ when literally translated from Arabic which refers to the few gazelles that inhabit the emirate. Drawing from this inspiration, the brand mark celebrates Abu Dhabi and its history through mixing elements of the traditional Arabic script and the modern architecture of the city - making it easily recognizable and distinguishable.

The brand mark always carries the first letter of any title to honour the ‘Father of the Gazelle’. This allows creative consistency and a cohesive identity and visual language across the venue’s collateral. 

A secondary graphic element which utilizes the logo is also introduced to create a pattern that reflects traditional Arabic art and patterns.
This is used to create texture and a distinct look to the Ghazal brand.